SSB 12/3/24: Two Easy Steps To Sell A New Product To An Existing Account


How to sell a new product to an existing account in two steps:

Selling a new product to an existing account involves a strategic approach that respects and leverages your existing relationship with the client. Here are three simple steps to guide this process:

1. Understand the Client’s Needs and Preferences:

Begin by thoroughly understanding the client’s current and future needs, preferences, and challenges. This involves reviewing your past interactions and any feedback they’ve provided.

Consider how your new product aligns with their goals or addresses their pain points. It’s crucial to approach the client with a solution-focused mindset, showing how your new product can add value to their business.

2. Personalize Your Pitch:

Tailor your presentation or pitch to resonate with the specific client. This personalization shows that you value the relationship and understand their unique business context.

Highlight the benefits of the new product, focusing on how it differs from or improves upon products they’ve already purchased from you.

Use data or case studies to illustrate the potential impact of the product on their business, and be prepared to answer questions or address concerns they may have.

Remember, the key in this process is to maintain a balance between being persuasive and respecting the established relationship with the client. Your approach should be consultative, focusing on creating value for the client rather than just making a sale

Have you listened to Jancast # 157?

A new type of tech show this episode, we go deep into new advances in toilet paper, from new perforations to using it for odor control.

We also cover the news from the ISSA Today just published, celebrating 100 years. Scott is featured as a past president and also gave his thoughts the cleaning industry in the future.

We cover the awards coming up for John Garfinkel and others at the ISSA show next week in Las Vegas. We close with a pitch to get Bill Balek. retiring as ISSA general council as a future guest before he retires at the end of the year.

Go Eagles!

Scott Jarden

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