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The world has changed, shouldn’t the way you deal with customer also change?

Planning For Post-Pandemic Sales 
Great article from Jim Peduto and Cleanlink-

The third quarter of a tumultuous 2020 is in the books, and we are well into the fourth quarter. Businesses everywhere have begun to think about 2021. While no one can predict what the new year will bring, one thing is sure: it won’t be anything like 2020, or at least we can hope.

Business to business (B2B) selling is at an inflection point. If you haven’t already reconsidered your sales model, you are behind the curve. The fundamental question is whether your sales organization (people, processes and structure) is still relevant. Let’s dig deeper.

The way customers buy is rapidly changing. In a world of information access, pricing transparency and virtual selling, salespeople can no longer sell the way they have always sold.

What does your post-COVID-19 pipeline look like? Many firms have spent months dealing with supply chain issues, personnel challenges, and pretty much everything but growing their business.

Even though markets have changed and the way customers buy has changed, most distributor sales organizations look like they did in 1980. 

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