SSB 4/2/23: Did you see John Johnson last week?


National Cleaning Week Re-Cap

Starting last Sunday, March 26, to Sat April 1, 2023 we have been doing a lot of talking about cleaning.  NCW or National Cleaning Week is an annual event started 4 years ago by the ISSA. NCW, or National Cleaning Week, reminds us of the importance of cleanliness in our daily lives.Each day of NCW, our spokesperson, John Johnson, featured from the Bullen brands and our list of remarkable products, a single item that will help you and your customers create that healthier, happier environment.Click the image below if you want to watch our playlist of the NCW episodes-

Jancast #143 is now up (new show)

This past week was National Cleaning week, so we talk about the Bullen spokesperson, John Johnsons, and his coverage each day of a new featured product to help you keep your world clean, healthy, and safe. Last week in Jancast #142 we discussed Candida auris and covered what kills it and how concerned you should be.We dive deep into training resources and discuss why Chat GPT-4 will beat VR and AR to the gate in training and education.  We show a prompt to Chat GPT-4 on the proper procedures in a facility to control Candida auris in less than 6 seconds.

Scott Jarden
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