SSB 5/29/22: Win back customer- post covid


Happy Memorial Day (a day early)

7 Strategies for Winning Back Customers Post-Covid

1. Get customer feedback
To create a successful strategy, you need to better understand what your customers are thinking and feeling about your business. Bullen conducted a customer satisfaction score (CSAT score) about 2 months ago and we were very pleased to see the response. Keep it simple and fast (ours had 4 questions).

2. Reevaluate your target market
Your ideal customer today may look very different from your pre-pandemic target market. Changes in buying patterns may have eliminated or greatly reduced demand from your bread-and-butter customers.

4. Transform your customer service
Most companies are in the same boat when it comes to rising material costs and supply chain issues. Businesses should work on improving things within their control such as customer service. This can help differentiate them from their competitors.

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Jancast #123- Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

In this episode, we revisit one of our favorite topics, training. Mark Warner was on the road last week teaching an in-depth training class. We discuss how often they cleaned his room and why people are paying hundreds of dollars to get trained as a trainer. We also do a BPP- Blatant Product Placement on CannaClean Smoke Eliminator.

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