SSB 6/23/24: How To Keep Your Sales Going In The Summer


How to sell in the summer

Keeping Sales Strong During the Summer Vacation Season

Summer often brings a noticeable dip in business activity as clients and employees alike head out for vacations. However, savvy businesses can maintain and even boost sales during this period by employing a few strategic tactics.

1. Seasonal Promotions: Create special summer promotions tailored to the season. Offer discounts on products or services that are particularly useful during summer, such as outdoor gear, travel accessories, or seasonal services. Limited-time offers can create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to make purchases before they head off on vacation.

2. Engage with Content: Keep your audience engaged through compelling content. Share tips for summer activities, travel guides, or seasonal recipes that subtly incorporate your products or services. Regular blog posts, social media updates, and newsletters can keep your brand top of mind.

3. Flexible Hours and Virtual Services: Adapt your business hours to accommodate customers’ vacation schedules. Consider offering virtual consultations, online shopping options, and home delivery services. This flexibility can attract customers who are traveling or prefer shopping from the comfort of their vacation spots.

4. Community Events and Partnerships: Host or sponsor local events and activities. Collaborating with other businesses for community events or partnering with local tourism boards can increase visibility and attract new customers.

By staying proactive and creatively engaging with your audience, you can keep your sales thriving all summer long.

Jancast # 171 is now up, new this week 

How science has shaped our current methods of pathogen control and what we think is safe.

In this episode, we discuss Jancast’s history (it started in 2004) and our recent fascination with the science behind cleaning and pathogen control. This topic has been on the Jancast agenda for a long time; it just has more impact today. We also look at recent regulatory changes that may impact your business, from LEED v5 to the California Janitorial Workloading Bill, WELL Buildings, and new EU regulations.

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