SSB 7/9/23: How to sell in post-COVID times #6


Post Covid Sales Tip #6

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the way businesses operate, and as we slowly transition into a post-COVID market, it is crucial for sales professionals to adapt their strategies to meet the evolving needs of customers. With changing consumer behaviors and economic fluctuations, selling in this new landscape requires a fresh approach. In this article, we will explore key strategies to help you navigate the post-COVID market and achieve sales success. Here two tips you can use:

Adapt and Innovate:
The pandemic has forced businesses to adapt and find innovative solutions. Embrace agility and foster a culture of innovation within your sales team. Explore new sales channels, partnerships, or product offerings that align with the changing market demands. Be open to experimenting with different approaches to discover what resonates with customers in the post-COVID era.

Focus on Long-term Relationships:
While closing deals is essential, prioritizing long-term customer relationships is crucial in a post-COVID market. Emphasize the value of loyalty and customer retention. Stay connected with your existing customers, understand their evolving needs, and provide ongoing support. Nurture relationships through personalized follow-ups, regular check-ins, and value-added content.

Jancast #149 is up!
Mark & Scott have a special guest on Jancast episode #149! Graham Dick is the Founder, President of Genesis Restorations LTD in Surrey, BC., and was Co-founder and Master Trainer of Infection Control Training Group Inc. from 2016 to Aug. 2020. Graham is currently the IICRC’s S410 Infection Control Committee Chair. The Jancast hosts and Graham talk about all aspects of pathogen control including as Graham put it, the use of “Kill Juice”.


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