SSB 8/14/22: Avoid a price war by selling your brand!


Avoid a price war by selling your brand!

Tips for a powerful brand

Strong branding is vital for any business owner regardless of their business size. When it comes to establishing your successful brand, you first need to understand what branding means. It’s marketing lingo for your logo, name, symbol, design, and other components associated with your business’s identity.

Define your brand identity
When you think of your business and brand, what does it mean? Who are you as a company? Defining your brand is more than picking out colors and visuals. It’s about the core of your company.

Our is “Craft Blenders of Special Cleaning Products” The “Craft Blenders” part defines what we do and who we are.

Know your target audience

Can you identify your brand’s ideal customer? Knowing your target audience is a key component of your marketing strategy. You can’t market properly without understanding who you’re talking to. Think about what your business does, what benefit it has to your existing and potential customers, and how you’re different from other brands in the same industry.

Make brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are basically your Brand Bible. This is a document that holds all the ins and outs of your business and can be a useful resource for maintaining brand consistency when it comes time for decision-making, employee training, and outside partnerships.

One of ours is our Core Values, we use them when hiring new employees, taking on new projects, deciding big decisions for the future of the company, etc.

Promote Safety
No bull…It’s priority number one!

Delight the Customer
Their needs are our focus.

Maintain Integrity
Our word is our bond.

Execute Teamwork
The best solutions come from working together

Practice Good Karma
Pay it forward.

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Jancast #128 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

In this week’s episode, we have a special guest joining us, William “Bill” Griffin, ISSA CIMS Assessor, an ISSA CMI Master Trainer, and a valued IICRC’s Standards Committee member, an IICRC Instructor, and a highly respected author.

We get into why certification and why someone should want to know about or have the CIMS & CIMS-GB  accreditations. How is it helpful, or how is it generally used?

What kind of companies or organizations would benefit from CIMS? BSCs? ISPs? DoD contractors? Military bases? Fed, State & City Gov’t agencies? Fortune 500 companies?

It was great learning the background on why you or a company would want to get certified and what it means for the future of cleaning.


Scott Jarden

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