SSB 8/27/23: How To Introduce A New Product or Service


A Breath of Fresh Air – Literally!

We have a great new product, RX-420 Fragrance Free Foul Odor Eliminator. We have been doing the usual advertising, product video’s, offer sample size etc. We want to send a email to our existing customers so we asked Chat GTB to write some copy for us. How about this-
We hope this email finds you in great spirits and even better health.

We are writing to introduce you to our latest product, the RX-420 Fragrance-Free Odor Eliminator – a game-changer in the world of odor elimination. We are incredibly proud of this innovative product and believe it will bring a breath of fresh air, quite literally, into the lives of our valued customers like you.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Literally!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not always easy to maintain a fresh and pleasant indoor environment. From cooking odors to pet smells, unwanted scents can accumulate in our living spaces, despite our best efforts to keep them clean and tidy.

That’s where the RX-420 Fragrance-Free Odor Eliminator comes into play.

Click here to learn more about this great product!

New Jancast is up this week-

Is Covid coming back again and do we need to worry about it?

In this episode Mark and I cover all of the new Covid variants as well as the unique names some are being given. We talk about what we need to worry about and also the changes that have taken place since early 2020. We talk a bit about electrostatic sprayers and Victory going out of business. As we have said in the past they are just expensive sprayers. Watch or listen to the show for all of the details.

Scott Jarden
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