SSB 9/10/23: Are you ready to sell your business?


Is it M & A time?

Last week we recorded Jancast #153 and I am really happy with the feedback we have gotten. Comments like, “I didn’t realize we have lived through mergers and acquisitions in the past, I didn’t know the failure rate was so high, If I was thinking about selling, I have second thoughts now”.

Normally we feature some sales tips and industry  news in the SSB but based on the comments from those of you that watched or listened we thought we should make sure the SSB audience didn’t miss the show.

New Jancast is up this week-

In this episode (#153), we cover the latest M&A news and also go back to the late 90s and mid-2000s to see how things have changed (or not). We have a special guest, Gary Henderson of Solution Sales,  who was part of the first wave of mergers. We discuss what went on back then and what we are seeing now. The same challenges are present now that were there in the last 90’s, so what is different this time?



Scott Jarden

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