Sunday Sales Blast 10/13/19


Bullen continues having FUN!

Last Thursday, Oct 10, Bullen took the day off to have some FUN. Continuing with the Bullen Breakfast for the employees we held June, we decided to have some more FUN.

The entire Bullen Folcroft, PA team all met at Sproul Lanes (close to Bullen HQ) and spent 3 hours bowling and having FUN. Eight teams were throwing strikes, spares, and a few gutter balls but having FUN. In the end, team # 8 made up of Denise Evans, Juanita Russell, Jim Dwyer, Fred Murray won for the top team score. Steve Getty and Denise Evans posted male and female individual top scores for their trophies. Congrats to them and everyone, it was an excellent time for all, and we then got the rest of the day off.

Here is some background on what we were hoping for with this event. First It had to be a FUN time for as many of our team as possible. This date was not something of historical significance, the management team just deciding it was time to have some more FUN. Work is hard, and while we hope everyone enjoys their job, it also is nice to have FUN. Second, it was a great way to spend some time with each other. The winning team was 50% office staff and 50% plant, staff! The third and final point was to have FUN. Did I say that already, we had FUN. It is part of our core value # 4, Execute Team Work, The best solutions come from working together. While we certainly had Fun we also learned more about our fellow bowlers, and that will make us a better team in the future.

If you want to see all of Bullen’s our core values, click here.

For those non-Bullen people reading this, what have you done to have Fun at work lately?

Speaking of FUN, how about those Eagles, yes we won last week. This weeks game maybe a little harder, GO EAGLES!

Have a great day and an even better sales week!


Scott Jarden

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