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At Children’s, they’ve seen more than 1,400 cases of the flu so far this season, compared to nine cases at this time last year.
At Ochsner Health System, the largest nonprofit health system in Louisiana, there were 6,909 cases of the flu in November — that’s 1,385% more cases than what it saw in November 2018.

And flu is spreading fast. In the week ending November 23, 10 states had widespread activity. Just one week before, only six states had widespread activity.
“This acceleration this early is quite remarkable,” said Dr. William Lennarz, a pediatric emergency care specialist at Ochsner.

Proper disinfection and pathogen control is key to an easy cold and flu prevention program.

Reduce the probability of infection for common cold and influenza by 80%
Reduce number of surfaces contaminated by viruses by 62%
Reduce absenteeism by as much as 46%

Offer your customer a flu audit!

We have all the materials so you can offer to your customers, as an authorized Airx distributor, to come to their facilities and do a pathogen prevention audit. This fast and easy review has the potential of reducing your staff’s chance of getting and spreading the cold and flu by 46-80%.

It is like giving a flu shot to all of your customers.

Email us with this link to get a copy of the Pathogen Control Manual and check list


The SSB is light this week due to me being on vacation. A pre-holiday break to unwind and get ready for 2020. What do you do to plan for the coming year? The Bullen team is all ready for the new year and to help your business grow.

Here is a taste from paradise.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

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