Sunday Sales Blast 5/3/20


Let’s get ready for business! (part 2)

We have all learned a lot over the last few months about what we thought were proper procedures for something as simple as washing our hands, let’s cover the rest of what is needed to get ready to open.

Do you or your customers have written pathogen control procedures in place?

Are those procedures posted for the teams to review?

Do all employees know about the dwell time required for the disinfectant they are using?

Do the people doing the disinfection know that surfaces that are dirty need to be pre-cleaned before the disinfection process?

These are just a few of the things that should be in place prior to reopening a facility.


Review the Pathogen Control Manual that we have posted on the Bullen site (and at the link below) and see if you have all that it covers as part of your Post Covid-19 procedures.

To download the manual click here- Pathogen Control Manual


Click here to watch the April 30th, 2020 Covid production update. We cover why you can’t fog most disinfectants and how to tell if a product has EPA approval for the claims it has in its marketing material.

Email us with this link to get more info on our pathogen products- Click here

Have a great day and an even better sales week and stay safe!

Scott Jarden

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