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More stats to show that our expectation about cleaning has dramatically changed

Survey Finds More Than 90% of Businesses Increasing Disinfection

Among business leaders surveyed prior to their facilities reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, 94% said they plan to add regular disinfection to their cleaning programs, according to a survey conducted by OpenWorks.

The survey revealed that 82% of business leaders said it was “likely” or “very likely” that they would increase the cleaning frequency of their facilities once their company reopened. The breakdown of survey respondents’ answers about increased cleaning frequency was:

  • Very likely, 58%
  • Likely, 24%
  • Somewhat likely, 9%
  • Neither likely or unlikely, 5%
  • Somewhat unlikely, 3%
  • Unlikely, 2%
  • Very unlikely, 1%.
Results of another recent survey, this one interviewing consumers, revealed:
73% of consumers feel that their workplace should be cleaned daily
56% want their workplace disinfected daily.

In this week’s Covid-19 update we cover some news about our allocation, did Southwest change their disinfection claims? We also give you the latest on the EPA’s new position on electrostatic sprayers For more info go to

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