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Lets get back to business #5

Are you prepared to communicate with your customers in the post-Covid era?

We have all experienced some form of video conferencing in the last three months. Maybe we made the calls ourselves or we have just participated in one you were invited to. You may have only seen video conferencing by your favorite news channel. If you have been holding your own video conferencing you can jump to the bottom of this weeks SSB and watch our Covid-19 video update (done on Zoom). There are a lot more platforms to use but for today we are talking about Zoom.

Zoom is free to use with some limitations, specifically that meetings are limited to 40 minutes for groups of three or more attendees. If that does not fit your model for use, get a paid account

11 Tips For Hosting Better Zoom Sales Calls & Meetings

1. Start With Video Off
When you create a video call invite, if you can, set the participants video to OFF and let them manually activate their camera.
This will give them a chance to make sure their area is presentable before they allow you into their “office.”

2. It’s Not a PowerPoint Call
There is a reason they call it video conferencing. The technology should be used to first and foremost give you a chance to form a connection with the person(s) on the other end of the video stream.
If you need to show something, a visual aid, a photograph, a PowerPoint slide, anything really, then do it… but as soon as you’re done talking about it or everyone has had ample time to digest it, unshare your screen and return the call to a full video conference.

3. Let There Be Light
Another great little investment is lighting. It doesn’t have to be some expensive set up like you see in a television studio. At a minimum, just make sure you’re not sitting in front of a door or window. It will cause your video feed to go dark due to the backlighting.

To read all of the tips-
Covid-19 video update
In this week’s Covid-19 video update we cover some of the Germ Washing® we are seeing in the market place and also discuss getting back to business for you and your customers. We cover procedures, frequency, and chemistry, and much more.

*Germ Washing® is a term Bullen innovated to point out illegal or factually incorrect efficacy claims for certain products in these post-Covid-19 times.

Email us with this link to get more info on our pathogen products- Click here

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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