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Do you or your customers have Covid Fatigue?

“COVID fatigue” is hitting hard. Fighting it is hard, too, says UC Davis Health psychologist.

We’re tired of being cooped up, tired of being careful, tired of being scared. Our collective fatigue is making some people careless – one reason COVID-19 is rising sharply again in California and throughout the U.S.

However, facing this fatigue is important for our personal health and for beating the coronavirus that has shaken American life so completely. Many people understand this, which adds to their exhaustion and stress.

“This is a real challenge,” said Kaye Hermanson, UC Davis Health psychologist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “There are no easy solutions.”

“Many people are exhausted by it all,” she said. “Some are saying they don’t care if they get COVID-19. They’d rather risk getting sick than stay home or be careful. Others have simply stopped listening to health leaders and science.”

This phase could last a while, in part because the disaster – the COVID-19 pandemic – is still going on.

“Research shows that disillusionment can last up to a year from the start of the disaster,” she said. “And this pandemic is like nothing we’ve experienced before, and it’s not over yet.” For the whole article here is the link-

We talk about Covid Fatigue in this weeks update-

This week’s update we discuss how Bullen is handling COVID and running a business at the same time. After dealing with social distancing for 3-4 months we had to re-group last week as management and restate with the employee’s how important it is to get back to the basics. Social distancing, wearing a face mask and maintaining a safe working environment. If COVID fatigue is happening to us, then it must be happening elsewhere.

What are some steps that businesses can take to make sure they are doing all that they can to do to control their work environment from a COVID outbreak?

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Stay tuned for the roll-out of
Germwashing- verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the efficacy of disinfectants and other pathogen control products.
We will be managing crowdsourced info on those questionable efficacy claims you keep seeing and hearing. We will clarify what is real and what is not.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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