SSB 3/3/24: On The Road Again And What About Those Bathrooms


What about those bathrooms?

I am on a short vacation trip with my RV, Globey #3 and when you are driving for 16 hours you end up in a few bathrooms. Some were ok and others were not. As a person involved in the cleaning industry I notice stuff that maybe others don’t but it is amazing that more businesses don’t pay more attention to a key outside impression that customers see, makes you wonder doesn’t it? Seems like a great opportunity but the one below on the right is not the one you could help improve until management changes. What I have seen on the trip that were good with a little help could be something people would remember as exceptional.

Jancast # 164 is now up!

The truth about ATP Meters and much more

On this week’s show, we do a deep dive into ATP meters, and like our previous shows on electrostatic sprayers, there are a lot of misconceptions and incorrect info on the proper use of these devices and what they can actually do.

We have a special guest- Bob Ferguson who is President of Strategic Consulting, Inc. (SCI) and has more than 40 years of experience in microbiology, industrial hygiene, and indoor environments in commercial buildings. Here are a few of the things we cover-

  1. What is an ATP meter and how do they work?
  2. Are they all the same or are they all different?
  3. What issues do you see with people not using the ATP meter incorrect?

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