Bullen Announces Change To Office Hours


Bullen is very excited to announce a change to their office hours. Effective Friday, August 26th, Bullen’s office staff will transition to a four-day work week.

       The Bullen plant and production have been on a four, 10-hour day work schedule since 1983 (39 years) and in the ever-changing work/life environment, Bullen has decided the office and plant personnel should be on the same schedule. This allows Bullen to hire the top candidates for open positions, remain competitive with other forward thinking employers, and provide all of our employees with a healthy work/life balance.

       To help in this transition, Bullen has a new, improved phone system – The phone system has been upgraded so customers can get transferred directly to their account manager in the field on Fridays. The sales force will remain on a 5-day week schedule as they have been for the last 30-plus years.

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