ISSA 2018 Coverage from Dallas, Texas

Final Day Video

In our last video this week we show you what the whole ISSA convention looks like away from the booth. Thanks for watching our videos this week and those of you that visited the booth. If you did not attend the show email us for more info on all that Bullen can do to grow your business.

Second day Video

In this video from the 2018 ISSA show in Dallas, TX we cover the Airx Air Care program. We show the RX Refresh, Scentinel cabinets and RX19e's and RX17's.

First day Video

We were honored today to receive an award from ISSA today at the booth acknowledging the Bullen history of exhibiting at the show for 70 years. You can see the traffic was great and we had an excellent day. Stay tuned for more from the show.

Set Up Day Video

In this video we have just set the booth up and are ready for the start of the show on Tuesday, October 30th. In this short video we give a fast tour of the Bullen booth and what we will be featuring at the 2018 ISSA show. You can see our new pathogen control program , Spray N Go and much more.

ISSA Interclean 2018 show from Amsterdam

ISSA Interclean 2018 set up day

We are getting all ready for the show today with a ride on the bikes, setting up the booth and then stopping at the I Am Amsterdam pond by the Rijksmuseum.

ISSA Interclean 2018 second day video

A short video of our booth and others around us from the Interclean show in Amsterdam.

ISSA Inteclean 2018 third day video
In today's video, we take a walk around the show floor and give you some peaks at other booths and what things look like from a bunch of different angles.

ISSA Interclean 2018 final day video

This last video covers why Bullen has exhibited at the Interclean show for over 30 years. As a manufacturer and a customer, we show and source new products that others from the USA may never see.

ISSA 2017 Coverage from Las Vegas

ISSA 2017 Set Up Day

We finished setting the booth for the 2017 ISSA show in Las Vegas and now are ready it to begin. Here is a preview of some of the things we will be featuring this year.

First day 2017 ISSA show
Here is our first video with the show now started. Im this video we featured BFS or Bullen Fulfillment Services and BYOB. Learn how we can help you with ecommerce and regional supply to your customers.

Second Day 2017 ISSA show

In todays video we cover BYOB or Be Your Own Brand. Why sell another companies brand when you can focus on yours and the repeat business and higher margins?

Final Day 2017 ISSA show

Final video for the 2017 Las Vegas ISSA show. We feature the new Airx Air Care program and the RX Refresh.

ISSA 2016 Show Coverage

ISSA 2016 set up day video

Another year, another ISSA show (over 50 years). We show the convention center and then the Bullen booth before the carpet gets put down.

ISSA 2016 first day video

We are all set up and ready to show and sell all of the visitors our new products and how we can help them BYOB, Be Your Own Brand.

ISSA 2016 second day video

Things really picked up and we had great traffic at the booth. This short segment show all of the action around us and in our booth

ISSA 2016 final day video

The show is almost over and we take a trip to the Innovation area on the show floor to talk about our finalist product Perfect-02. While we did not win the competition we were pleased that everyone attending got to learn more about this great product and The Bullen Companies. See you all next year in Las Vegas

ISSA 2016 Innovation Award interview for Perfect-02

Short interview from the show floor on our entry into the 2016 Innovation Award for our ground breaking product Perfect-02

ISSA 2015 coverage - The drive to the show!

ISSA 2015 from Las Vegas is over but you can see what Bullen did to get to the show and while we were there both at our inside booth and the outside booth we had. Enjoy the videos!

2014 ISSA Videos

Here are all of the videos we shot while at the 2014 ISSA show in Orlando. It was a great show and we appreciate all that stopped by the booth to learn more about Bullen, our private branding capabilities, our brands and much more. Watch the videos if you missed us in Orlando or were not able to attend.

Third and final day at the 2104 ISSA show in Orlando (Bullen/private label recap)

Final day at the 2014 ISSA show in Orlando. We feature the Bullen/private brand side of our booth. To learn more about Bullen go to:

Third and final day at the 2014 ISSA show in Orlando. In this video we feature the Airx portion of our island booth. To learn more about Airx go to:

Third and final day at the 2014 ISSA show in Orlando. In this video we feature the Sanoverde/e-clean portion of our island booth. To learn more about Airx go to:

First full day of the 2014 ISSA show in Orlando. We do a walk around of the Bullen booth and show what we are featuring this year. For more information about Bullen go to:

Recorded live from the ISSA show in Orlando. A teaser clip as we start to set the booth up. Stay tuned for day 2 of set up when we complete the new Bullen booth and get ready for the show opening on Weds, 11/5/14

Final set up walk around the Bullen booth at the 2014 ISSA show in Orlando.