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New Products

Luxury Vinyl Tile require special products and procedures to protect its wear layer and yield the lowest cost to maintain it. The EXTENDS products will provide a better-looking, longer-lasting floor at the lowest cost of maintenance.

One Up Floorcare is the original high-speed floor care line developed back in the late ’80s. The One Up line has evolved as the flooring surfaces have over the years. The One Up Extends products were developed specifically for the LVT products that are becoming more and more popular.

One Up Extends LTV Cleaner is not just another neutral floor cleaner. Extends LTV Cleaner and its proprietary blend of surfactants, natural solvents, and patented ingredients that clean the floor surface and leave behind a protective membrane that inhibits soil, dirt, and other harmful materials from adhering to the surface. This makes the cleaning much easier each time it is used.

One Up Extends LVT Protector is not just a watered-down acrylic floor finish. One Up Extends LVT Protector is a dual charge polymer technology that harnesses the positive and negative charges of the molecule so it exhibits unmatched adhesion to the LVT surface.
The micro coating deposited adds additional protection to the wear layer and enables ease of cleaning. Use One Up Extends LVT Cleaner for general floor maintenance cleaning.

One Up Extends Matte Floor Finish is a quick and easy way to repair damaged surfaces that have scratches or abrasion to the wear layer. It is the perfect finish if you want to add a protective layer to your floor but not create a glossy floor that some may perceive as a slippery surface (gloss). It can be used on LVT or VCT tile floors.

Click here to download the EXTENDS LVT BROCHURE

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