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A Buffalo Wild Wings worker died after exposure to a cleaning agent. 10 other people went to hospitals

(CNN) A Buffalo Wild Wings employee died — and 10 other people were sent to hospitals — after they were exposed to a cleaning agent used on the kitchen floor of one of the chain’s Boston-area restaurants Thursday evening, fire officials said.

The worker who died apparently was trying to squeegee the sanitizer off the floor after a coworker who started using it was overcome by fumes, Burlington interim Fire Chief Michael Patterson told reporters.

A worker, intending to clean the kitchen floor, put a sanitizer called “Super 8” — a product with sodium hypochlorite, which itself is a main component of bleach — on the floor, Patterson said. That person quickly was sickened, apparently by fumes, and went outside, he explained. A second worker “attempted to squeegee the product out of the building when he was overcome,” Patterson said.

What to learn from this? Bleach is used a lot in cleaning, it kills a lot of bad things and is cheap. It is also dangerous to use, even by itself. I think we will probably learn that there was some other chemical on the floor that when mixed with bleach can produce poisonous gas. If you or your customers use bleach for cleaning make sure all involved know the precautions they need to follow for proper use.

ISSA Show is Coming part 2!
If you are coming visit us at booth # 1767

We are shipped our booth out to Las Vegas last Monday and that means the show is not far behind. I think there are more Bullen customers that are not members of the ISSA or that will not be attending than those that are. To make up for that we are going to post some pre-show videos from the plant so those you that don’t want to go to Las Vegas the week before Thanksgiving (and who would not want to do that). Don’t forget during the show week (11/19-21) we will be posting videos from our booth.

Here is a the link for the second video we have up, stay tuned for more to come. This video covers our new Micron Wipes®, Microfilament Cleaning Cloths. Click the image below to watch the video.

Eagles are off this week getting healthy to play the Patriots next 🙁

Have a great day and an even better sales week!


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