NEW! Cannaclean Smoke & Odor Eliminator! Fragrance free!

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Do you have smoke odor problems?

There is now more than one type of smoke to deal with in your establishment. CannaClean Smoke & Odor Eliminator is a proven product in the retail market for over 3 years and now you can use it in your facility.

CannaClean Smoke & Odor Eliminator super concentrate is fragrance-free and uses patented odor control technology. It does not mask the odor but chemically alters the molecules, eliminating them. Cigarette, vaping, and marijuana smoke can all leave behind odor residue that is very hard to remove. Also, it is effective against spicy food odors and can be used in dining areas without concern of negatively impacting the taste of the food being served.

• Highly Effective against Vaping Odors
• Fragrance-Free, Does Not Mask
• Patented Odor Control Technology
• Return Smoking Rooms & Apartments to Service Faster
• Great for Fire Damage Odor Removal
• Super Strength Formula

“We are so grateful to have found a product that eliminates smoke and vaping odors without blanketing the rooms with heavy perfumes” Steve, NJ
“You can really eliminate the marijuana and vaping smell ” Phil, VA “Whenever we had to use a smoke odor eliminator in the past, we ended up with rooms that had a very strong, distinctly different smell like orange, cherry, or cinnamon. With the CannaClean S&OE we can use the product to eliminate the smoke odors without changing the smell of our rooms. We love it! Bob, CA
“This product has helped to solve our elevator issue with pot/vape odors. We can quickly treat the elevators without people complaining about the strong smell of the odor eliminator we used to help fix the problem in the first place.” Taylor, MA

HOW TO USE: If the odors are not that intense a few sprays in the air is all it takes. If in a hotel room or apartment, spray the air and the curtains & upholstery since fabrics absorb smoke. For mild smoke, odors spray the carpeting near the door…so that each time the door is opened, it brushes over that section of carpet & refreshes the room. If you need to treat a large area or one with heavy smoke odors, we suggest the use of a ULV fogging unit. Ask customer service for a list of suggested foggers for use.

You can purchase individual quarts or cases at this link-

Available under the CannaClean brand or your private label. Minimum for private label is 40-6 quart cases or 20-12/quart cases

For more information on this product or other Bullen, brands email us at, or call 800-444-8900 and ask for sales.

Click here to download the product sheet

Click here to download the SDS

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