The first Peroxide Cleaner that really works!

PERFECT-O2 is a multi-purpose cleaner with oxygenated peroxide and fortified with high performance solvents and surfactants. This unique blend of oxygen boosted surfactants and cleaners means it will safely clean and degrease the toughest soils. Unlike other peroxide cleaners, it has a neutral pH so does not leave streaking residue behind. 

PERFECT-O2 is unique in that it utilizes state of the art solvents and surfactants to boost its cleaning ability as compared to most on the market that use D-limolene. It also contains more than double the level of peroxide than other products. PERFECT-O2 is currently under review for EPA DfE "Safer Choice" approval. 

  • More than double the level of peroxide than others

  • Neutral pH

  • Safe on hard and soft surfaces not harmed by water

  • HMIS rating of 100B

  • Utilizes safe for the environment surfactants and high performance solvents

  • Does not contain D-limonene

  • Fresh clean scent and natural odor control

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Bullen has been an industry leader of specialty private brand chemicals for over 40 years. We’ve created seven in-house brands with hundreds of formulas to choose from. All designed to help your company create your own distinctive brand image.

Hundreds of stock products and custom formulations made to your specifications, everything from dog shampoo to aircraft cleaners. Full color photographic style labels, low minimums, marketing and much more to help you create a healthy, clean and safer environment. 


Blend-A-Chem uses high tech volumetric mixing units engineered to deliver ready-to-use cleaning solutions with the turn of a lever.

Powerful industrial grade cleaners formulated with 70% less water, provide maximum cleaning at a fraction of the cost compared to competitive products.

A set of two 5 gallon containers makes 1810 ready-to-use gallons of cleaning solution.

A set of two 15 gallon containers makes 5430 ready-to-use gallons of cleaning solution.

Liquid Ice Melt is Available!

New to the Airx line

RX Pathogen Compliance Center

All of your needs to comply with OSHA requirements for Blood and Body Fluid clean up procedures. 

You could be subjected to a penalty up to $7000, for even the first offense, if you do not have the proper equipment and supplies for clean up of blood or Other Potential Infectious Material, or if you do not do the job properly. Everything needed is included in the RX Pathogen Compliance Center and the accompanying Blood Spill Kit. The BSK that is inside the Compliance Center is a small but multi-purpose tool for proper cleaning and disinfecting.

Our Pathogen Compliance contains the RX75 BSK, 2 Protections Packs and 2 bottles of RX200 instant hand sanitizer. All contained in an easily transportable unit.
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RX34 Garbage and Dumpster Cleaner & odor Counteractant

RX34 is a concentrated heavy duty degreaser fortified with surfactants, orange oils and Airicide®. Its efficiency as both a degreaser and odor counteractant makes it ideal for cleaning in and around compactors, dumpsters, rendering trucks, refuse containers, chutes etc. Cleaning trash cans and dumpsters is not a job anyone wants to do. RX34 makes an unpleasant job easier. 

RX34 is packed ready to connect to the RXFoamer (provided with each case of quarts) and the water supply. It automatically dilutes the product as it is dispensed as a clinging foam.