SSB 1/30/22: The blizzard of 2022!


The Blizzard of 2022!

After shoveling the real clean up starts

Most of us on the east coast are waking up this Sunday morning to walls of drifted snow and hard-to-pass roads. Don’t forget we all need to get back to work tomorrow. Here are a couple of easy clean-up steps you need to pass on to your customers to get this mess under control.

Protect Entry and Walkways into the building
After you get the sidewalks and entrances opened be careful. Employees are more likely to slip and fall during the winter months because of rain and melting snow.  Be sure you have safety mats at every entrance to the building. They also need to be cleaned as the day goes on. This is the first line of defense to all of that crap (that is a technical term) coming into the business. Clean and change mats at entrances often.

To clean up that mess that gets tracked in you need to use a product like our Winterinse that is formulated to be able to clean and hold the salt and calcium that is tracked onto the floors in solution. While it is a little late for this storm, you could have pre-applied our Liquid Ice Melt to make snow clean up easier. It is the same concept as the highway departments and the brine application to the road surface.

Disinfect to Avoid Illness
While we have this down pretty good thanks to Covid now it is even more important to keep the disinfection process you have established already.

During the winter, the flooring and carpet in your office gets a lot of use. Employees are tracking in water and salt while wearing heavy-duty shoes that can cause damage to your floors. Talk to your customers about what equipment and products they should be purchasing so they are ready for the big clean-up at the end of winter.

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Jancast # 116 is up!

In last week’s show, we discuss the new “Covid” reality with many here at Bullen out but not in the hospital and returning after 5 days of quarantine. We also discuss how it impacts the retail marketplace, schools, and others. The good news is experts say there is 9.7% in revenue growth coming to the cleaning industry in the next 6 years, which will top out at 36 Billion total. Are you positioned to handle that?

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe! 

Scott Jarden


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