SSB 1/23/22: Faster is better!


Faster is better!

Your Speed of Response Affects Your Bottom Line

Growing your business is about turning your leads into customers. With your competitors vying for the same customers, you want to make sure your leads choose you. But how do you ensure they say “yes” when they do business with you?

However, there’s one tactic that will turn more leads into loyal customers.

It’s simple: you must respond to them in an instant.

Your customers are actively looking for your solution to their problems. You know they need it as soon as possible since they took the time to contact you about it, whether it be a call, email or web form. They don’t want it tomorrow or sometime later. They want it right now.

If you are not the first person who responds to a customer looking for your product or service, chances are the customer won’t buy from you. Make sure you beat your competitors when it comes to the speed of your responses to sales queries.

In this age of customer service, clients expect quick answers to their questions and quick responses to their concerns. Your prompt response to a customer complaint can turn that complaint into a glowing testimonial.

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Jancast # 116 is up!

In this week’s show, we discuss the new “Covid” reality with many here at Bullen out but not in the hospital and returning after 5 days quarantine. We also discuss how it impacts the retail marketplace, schools, and others. The good news is experts say there is 9.7% in revenue growth coming to the cleaning industry in the next 6 years, which will top out at 36 Billion total. Are you positioned to handle that?

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Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe! 

Scott Jarden

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