SSB 10/8/23: 15 Minute Meetings Are The New Standard


Are you doing the 15 minute meeting thing?

The 15-minute meeting is the fastest-growing block of time that workers and bosses are scheduling, according to an analysis of Microsoft Teams data, which also shows people are booking fewer hourlong meetings. Fifteen-minute meetings now make up 60% of calendared gatherings, proving that executives and employees alike have grown more ruthless with their time.

Running an effective 15-minute meeting is more art than science, leadership and organizational efficiency experts say. If you’re all business, you appear too brusque. Try to finesse the room too much, though, and you risk coming off soft. To adhere to a tight schedule, keep in mind four rules (that are also good hygiene for longer meetings):

Keep the circle tight: Ask yourself who really needs to be there, says Rita J. King, executive vice president at workplace-consulting firm Science House. Having too many people in the meeting wastes everyone else’s time.

Stay on topic: Not everything can be condensed into a 15-minute meeting, says Brian Elliott, a former Slack executive and co-founder of flexible-work think tank Future Forum. Focus on one aspect of a budget rather than the entire spreadsheet, or debate specific attributes of two potential hires, rather than rehash the latest round of interviews. Clarify the meeting’s purpose well ahead of its start time. The tighter the topic, the easier it is to meet the objective.

New Jancast is up!

In this episode Mark and I cover all of the hot news in the industry and also the history of Jancast. This will be the 19th year since we started Jancast in 2004. We won the ISSA Innovation award in 2005. We also discuss the coming ISSA show/F1 Race in Las Vegas this year and for another 2 years. We close out with the concern over PFOA and PFAS in products and the environment.


Scott Jarden

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