SSB 11/28/21: 3-second test before you say yes


Try this 3-second test before you say yes to anything

With practice, I learned how to embrace what I call a “3-second yes” and nix my “auto-yes.” It’s made all the difference. Now, when I say “yes” it’s an authentic “yes,” not one that requires backpedaling and a “so sorry but…” excuse later.
It was an “auto-yes” I couldn’t control. I was a classic people-pleaser; too afraid to say “no” out of fear of disappointing someone, missing an opportunity, or steering into a confrontation.
Dog sit for a week? Sure! Help you with a project? Of course! Read your manuscript in 24 hours? Absolutely.
A few years ago, if you asked me to do something, I would say “yes” without hesitation.
When you naturally default to yes, people have difficulties knowing your boundaries because they have no clue you’re overtaxing yourself with commitments.

Use this time to think through 3 very important questions before you say “yes”:

●︎ Do I really have the time?
●︎ Is this worth a yes?
●︎ What does my gut say?

For all of the details here is the link to the article-

Do you really need an ESS?

In last week’s Jancast #112, we discuss two recent studies on the use of Electrostatic Sprayers (ESS). For years, Bullen has been talking about whether Electrostatic Sprayers will actually do what many manufacturers say they will do. Many claim that electrostatic sprayers carry a charge that allows the spray to wrap around an object. A study funded by the EPA called ““Evaluation of electrostatic sprayers and foggers for the application of disinfectants in the era of SARS-CoV-2” and another from American Journal of Infection Control bring some clarity by publishing the actual results from their testing. Both studies are very critical of the processes and the functionality of ESS. Given this information, it really makes us question why anyone would want to use a more expensive spray system that appears to not do what their marketing claims for these units.

You be the judge, we cover it all in Jancast #112. 

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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