SSB 11/6/22: Look At Product-To-Market Fit


Look At Product-To-Market Fit

There are various tactical and strategic methods to improve your sales. Before jumping into the tactics, we would recommend looking at your product-to-market fit. Competitive differentiation with the ability to solve key issues with added value will surely help increase sales.

Using Bullen as an example, we are “Craft Blenders of Specialty Cleaning Products” We are not a toll packer, we are not a low-cost provider, we are focussed on what we do best, product quality products and sales, and technical support second to none.. We also have a nitch within the specialty market segment, Pathogen Control. With our Airx line, we are know for state-of-the-art pathogen and odor control products. Yes, we all sold a lot of disinfectants in the last 3 years, but we also taught those people how to use those products properly.

Let us know how we can help you focus on your product-to-market fit.

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Jancast # 134 is now up!
Mark and Scott talk about the recent ISSA show and welcome a special guest, Rodger McFadden, a highly respected author, and a valued IICRC Standards Committee member, as well as a true scientist and a world-class industry consultant.

We chat with Rodger about his long history in the industry and how things like “Green” and “Sustainability” have changed over the years. What does Green and Sustainability really mean? Is it only about products or does it include processes?  Some of that and much more.


Scott Jarden

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