SSB 11/7/21: Now is the time to be ramping up your hiring


Now is the time to be ramping up your hiring

How to Find (and Hire) the Right Salesperson

Hiring an exceptional salesperson is a tricky process. There’s no universal blueprint that lays out every step to do it successfully. It takes a lot of finesse and good judgment — with some pure luck peppered in every now and then. That being said, there are certainly some steps you can take to set yourself in the right direction.

1. Set terms for your ideal candidate.
When you’re hiring salespeople, you’re going to wade through a lot of applicants. And I’m not using the term “a lot” lightly.

My point is, when hiring salespeople, you may have to wade through an ocean of resumes, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

Set terms for both your minimum and preferred qualifications for the position you’re trying to fill. Identify the relevant experience, education, and qualifications you’d like out of your ideal applicant. Use those to filter your applicant pool and only engage with prospective employees who are qualified to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

3. Pick the right candidates for interviews.
Take notice of the most personal applications you receive. If you’ve asked for a cover letter, take the time to make sure it’s not just some generic document that an applicant has been blanket-sending to every post they see on LinkedIn.

You want candidates that want you back. A personal, compelling cover letter can tell you a lot about how much this opportunity means to an applicant. If they put in the time to write a thoughtful cover letter and tailor their resume to suit your job description, they probably took the chance to work for you seriously.

8. Follow up with promising candidates quickly.
If a candidate nailed an interview, let them know right away. Reach out and keep them engaged and interested in your company and the role itself. Let them know that they impressed you and give some information on next steps.

For the whole list-

Jancast # 111 is up! (new show from last week in case you missed it)

Our post-Halloween show with scary stuff like what we did for costumes, trick or treating, and new supply chain issues. Tributoxyethyl Phosphate, or TBEP, which is used in most floor finishes is now in short supply and also increasing the cost of the finished products. This is not just a Bullen problem but most manufacturers will have the same issue (but you heard about it here first).

We also discuss the new Leeds approved list of ingredients for formulating disinfectants that would gain points for facilities using these products. We also go back and talk about all of the nasty pathogen control products from the past.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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