SSB 12/11/22: Is a true “residual” disinfectant posible?


Is a true “residual” disinfectant posible?

If you’ve been following the Sunday Sales Blast for a while, you probably know about our site That website was established at the very beginning of Covid in 2020, with the purpose of researching and exposing a lot of the fake pathogen claims that were taking place at that time. This weeks Jancast covers what was fake back then, and now with the new EPA protocol established, there could be an actual disinfectant with residual efficacy claims that represent something real in pathogen control (not just against odor-causing bacteria). Listen/watch the show so you will know the latest in pathogen control.

Jancast # 137 is now up!

Mark and I go deep on the news that the EPA has established test protocol for residual disinfectant claims, “real ones.” We review what we said in August 2020 and calling out Southwest, United, and American Airlines, who were sold false product efficacy claims. Back then, people were being told the interior seating in airplanes was being treated with products that carried a residual claim of up to 1-2 months. We cover what this new EPA initiative involves and some questions we have.



Scott Jarden

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