SSB 2/7/21: 7 Billion views on how to clean via TikTok!


7 Billion views on how to clean via TikTok!

Deep-Cleaning Videos Are Getting Grosser

Stuck at home, people are excavating the mold in their dishwashers and the hair in their drains for your viewing pleasure.

A little over 12 minutes into the video “Disaster Clean With Me 2021,” Becky Moss holds her vacuum’s dirt cup up to the camera for inspection. It’s filled with a powdery mound of gray dust and a swirl of pet hair. The volume of material — two or three cups worth, from the looks of it — seems excessive for one room. And yet, the accumulation is so satisfying to see.
“My husband is like, ‘That is so gross. How can you film this?’” said Ms. Moss, a 26-year-old YouTuber in Oxford, Mich., who started her channel in May 2020. “I always tell him, ‘This is what people want to see.’”
Videos like hers abound on YouTube, where legions of home-improvement influencers post time-lapse recordings of their chores. Their “clean with me” uploads inspire people to tackle their own messes, however big or small. In 2020, the number of “clean with me” videos on YouTube rose by 50 percent, according to the company, and the number of “organize with me” videos nearly doubled.

All in all, TikTok videos that include the #cleaning hashtag have accounted for some 7.6 billion views; the company said it saw engagement spike in December after a user posted a video coining the portmanteau “CleanTok.” These videos tend to be hyper-focused: Rather than tidying entire rooms, creators unscrew their moldy dishwasher filters and fish yards of scummy hair from their shower drains, sparing none of the slimy details.

What is the take away from the business model? Just think of the professional cleaning equipment these homeowners, students and clean freaks could use to help with this obsessive habit. Reach out to the top producers with some of your supplies and knowledge.

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