SSB 3/19/23: There is a new Chat version out there


New Chat GPT-4 is in the wild

I asked Chat GPT-4, yes, a newer version, to give me some suggestions for potential marketing campaign ideas and strategies that could be used to increase sales and customer engagement. Here are three takeaways; we are doing some of these already, are you?

Educational Webinar Series
Target audience: Professionals and customers seeking expert knowledge
Key selling point: Provide value to customers by hosting informative webinars that address industry trends, insights, or tips to solve their pain points.
We do them all the time; great since most people do not think they will be sold products but learn something. (We don’t sell them anything)

Seasonal or Themed Campaigns
Target audience: Consumers celebrating holidays, seasons, or special events
Key selling point: Align marketing efforts with relevant occasions to create a sense of urgency and capitalize on customers’ excitement.
We are talking about carpet cleaning products after a harsh winter, and floor care products to clean up the damage.

Limited-Time Promotions:
Target audience: Deal-seekers, existing customers, and new customers
Key selling points: Create urgency, incentivize purchases, increase average order value.
Great way to introduce new services and products.

Jancast #141 is now up (new show)In this week’s episode, we discuss how Youtube took back our views since they were too popular and why the info about how dangerous your farts are drove those hits up. We also discuss the Bullen Polished Concrete Training Event at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute (LCTI) on March 7th. It was a monumental success on many levels. LCTI is one of the largest and most successful vocational career and technical education centers in the United States and used as a model for many other states.

We close out with an all-things “fungus “ discussion that you don’t want to miss.


Scott Jarden

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