SSB 3/27/22: You need a sales meeting…


You need a sales meeting…

In the last few weeks, the Bullen sales force has been out on the street holding sales meetings, lots of them. Yes, I said sales meetings, do you remember them?

When I think of a sales meeting I recall getting all excited to be learning everything about our great new product, innovation, or process so I could go out and tell more people about it. That next step was the best, telling others in sales meetings about those new innovations and getting them just as excited to tell their customer how that new innovation will save them labor, make a job safer, solve a problem, etc. Not only did I get to tell others about our products and services I got to hear feedback that I incorporated into future sales meetings.

That sounds like a good reason for everyone to have a sales meeting!

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Jancast # 120 is up! Back to business # 13

Back to business # 13

#1 Sustainable resource is training and all businesses need that more than ever.

To help us with that discussion we have a special guest this week, Brant Insero, Senior Director of Education, Training, Certification & Standards

In this week’s episode, we discuss the value of education, training, certifications & standards. What is the difference between education, training, and certification? We also look in our crystal ball and what is coming for the rest of 2022.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe! 

Scott Jarden


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