SSB 4/10/23: Our Top 3 Jancast Episodes


Our Top Three Jancast Episodes

Jancast # 83, 94 and Covid update from 2/7/20  
We are away this week so we are offering three of our top viewed episodes in the last two years. We will be back next Sunday with a new SSB.

Click the image below to watch each episode on the Jancast page.

Jancast# 94
You can get all the toilet paper you need, but you really didn’t need it.
In today’s show we chat about Marks trip last week in the wild to do extensive end-user training, new CDC guidelines, and why you don’t have to worry about toilet paper (for now)

Jancast #83
This week’s show is a new version of the Covid update with our transitioning back to our original podcast that we started in 2004, – podcasting to a cleaner world.

Covid Update 2/7/20
In this video, we cover some of the misconceptions of what kills the 2019 Coronavirus and when you can or can’t make the claims. We also cover what difference it makes on the application if you use a electrostatic sprayer or a pump style like the Spray N Go and the Spray N Roll II. We finally cover the fake news of the possible effect of Corona Beer. For more info go to

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Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe! 

Scott Jarden

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