SSB 4/17/22: Back to business #15


Back to Business #15

Want to increase your sales? Rather than manipulate your potential clients, serve them.

The difference between acts of manipulation and acts of service comes down to the salesperson’s intent. Two salespeople might both want to sell the same things to their clients, and they might do this by telling the same stories or asking similar questions. But their intentions can be totally different.

The manipulative salesperson tells a story that will make their potential client feel an intense mixture of fear and hope. This heightened emotional state may make them both want to get rid of the fear and perpetuate the hope. They may then want to buy because they believe the offer in question will lessen the fear and raise the hope. They’ve been manipulated.

The second salesperson, however, tells a similar story that teaches the potential client the significance of the offer. The story may feature a person who first worked without their product or service and then explain what improved when they began using it, and it could demonstrate what this potential client could expect if they engage in a similar process. The story helps the potential client experience greater clarity around the offer, and if they do buy, it is because they’ve been educated.

Tip 1 / Start with where. 
Many of us have heard how important it is to build a rapport with our potential client at the beginning of a call. We begin our act of service by simply treating them as a person rather than a prospect.

Tip 2 / Frame the call.
Without giving the potential client a clear expectation of what the call will entail, the client will spend much of the time unsure of where they stand. This will cause them to keep their guard up, which will erode any of the rapport you previously established

Tip 4 / Demand questions.
“Have any questions?”
Every salesperson has asked something like that. It’s a standard practice: After you wrap up a presentation, you invite the client to inquire about it. But there is a far better way to transition the conversation.
You say this: “Ask me a question.”

For all of the tips here is the link-

Jancast # 83, 94 and Covid update from 2/7/20  
We are away lst week so we are offering three of our top viewed episodes in the last two years. We will be back next Sunday with a new SSB.

Click the image below to watch each episode on the Jancast page.

Jancast# 94
You can get all the toilet paper you need, but you really didn’t need it.
In today’s show we chat about Marks trip last week in the wild to do extensive end-user training, new CDC guidelines, and why you don’t have to worry about toilet paper (for now)

Jancast #83
This week’s show is a new version of the Covid update with our transitioning back to our original podcast that we started in 2004, – podcasting to a cleaner world.

Covid Update 2/7/20
In this video, we cover some of the misconceptions of what kills the 2019 Coronavirus and when you can or can’t make the claims. We also cover what difference it makes on the application if you use a electrostatic sprayer or a pump style like the Spray N Go and the Spray N Roll II. We finally cover the fake news of the possible effect of Corona Beer. For more info go to

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Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe! 

Scott Jarden

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