SSB 4/21/24: Selling Like Winston Churchill


Selling like Winston Churchill


In the spirit of Winston Churchill’s profound leadership and strategic acumen, “Operation Market Surge” is designed as a comprehensive sales campaign aimed at conquering the market while bolstering our brand’s presence and revenue. This document outlines the strategic framework and tactical operations that will lead us through the battleground of commerce to a resounding victory.

Phase 1: Mobilization of Resources

Team Assembly: Assemble a dedicated task force of our finest sales, marketing, and product teams. Each member shall be briefed thoroughly, understanding that their effort is crucial to the campaign’s success.

Market Intelligence: Conduct thorough research to understand the terrain—the market trends, customer preferences, and competitor strategies. This intelligence will form the backbone of our strategic decisions.
Phase 2: Strategic Deployment

Product Enhancement: Ensure that our products are the finest in the field. Any necessary improvements or innovations must be expedited to meet the campaign timeline.
Promotional Blitzkrieg: Launch a high-intensity advertising campaign across multiple channels—digital, print, and broadcast. This will include targeted ads to capture the interest of potential customers and continuous engagement to keep our brand at the forefront of their minds.

Alliance Formation: Forge strategic partnerships with key influencers and stakeholders. These alliances should enhance our visibility and lend credibility to our campaign.

In this endeavor, we shall not waver nor shall we falter. With steadfast determination and impeccable strategy, “Operation Market Surge” is poised to lead us into a realm of unprecedented sales growth and market dominance. Just as Churchill led Britain through its darkest hours to a glorious victory, so too shall we navigate the complexities of the market to emerge triumphantly.

Jancast # 166 is now up!

The future of ISSA

In this episode, we have a special guest: Matthew J. Schenk, President and CEO of Midlab and current president of the ISSA. Mark and I worked and served with Matt on the board. Matt just got done the initial start of strategic planning for ISSA and the next six years. We talked about some of those plans as well as the show now located in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center for the next 5 years.

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