SSB 5/12/24: I Asked My Special Friend How To Sell More Accounts…


Chat GTB tells us how to attract new clients

A combination of creative marketing strategies, relationship building, and tailored solutions is key to attract new commercial accounts for cleaning products. Here are some ideas to help you expand your client base:

Customized Cleaning Solutions: Offer tailored cleaning solutions that address the specific needs of different industries such as restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, or corporate offices. Create industry-specific kits and promote them as specialized solutions.

Free Trials and Demonstrations: Offer free trials of your products to potential clients. Organize live demonstrations to showcase the effectiveness of your products in real-time, which can help convince decision-makers.

Referral Programs: Implement a referral program that rewards existing customers for referring new commercial accounts. This could be in the form of discounts, free products, or other incentives.

Digital Marketing Campaigns: Use targeted ads on platforms like LinkedIn, which is frequented by business professionals. SEO-optimized content that targets industry-specific keywords can also help attract businesses searching for cleaning solutions online.

Jancast # 168 is now up!

Is it safe to go to the bathroom and other science-based concerns?

This week’s episode includes Dr. Charles Gerba- Charles P. Gerba, a professor of virology in the Dept of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona.  We cover a lot of scary and enlightening facts about the life of viruses. Listen to the show right away so you know what to watch out for when you go to the bathroom

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