SSB 5/16/21: No More Masks…?



What difference a week makes. Now, what do we do?

Costco, which was one of the first retailers to mandate shoppers wear masks, has dropped its face-covering requirement for those who are fully vaccinated.

The wholesale club said it updated its policy Friday, which is now in effect at some locations, CEO Craig Jelinek wrote in a letter to members.

Walmart, Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s also are no longer requiring masks for fully vaccinated after the CDC announced the change.

How does it work? The good old honor system, and also a little negative motivation. With no guidance on how to regulate if people that say they have been vaccinated are for real, the only recourse for those that for whatever reason declined to get the shots is that they are on their own now. When it was required for all to wear a mask those that didn’t get vaccinated were being protected to a certain degree by all of us. That is off the table now. I guess now that most will not be wearing masks you would expect the cases to go up for those not protected. A new page in a year plus of stuff you never would have expected.

Meanwhile, get ready for things to explode with businesses opening and people wanting to return to pre-covid days.

Jancast # 2 (from October 2004)

Mark Warner, my Jancast co-host, is on the road again so we have posted a replay of Jancast #2 from October 13th, 2004. This is where it all started. We went on to win the ISSA 2005 Innovation Award for This show is 100% audio, Youtube had just started this year and there were not any streaming services. Remember that there was not easy access to high-speed internet and the iPhone was not introduced until 2007. Jancast was the first podcast for the cleaning industry. Enjoy this step back in time.

Click the Innovation Award shot below to listen to Jancast #2 (#1 is lost somewhere).

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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