SSB 5/23/21: What do your customers need in a post covid market?


What do your customers need in a post covid market?

Yes your customers need products and services now that businesses are opening back up.

Businesses are starting to open back up if they haven’t already. They will and do need a lot of cleaning supplies to get their facilities back in what we call “Extreme Clealiniess ®” mode. The customers at those businesses will be expecting a lot more than just “clean”. They probably have a good supply of hand sanitizers and disinfectants but do they have good cleaners, mildew stain remover, carpet cleaners,  air conditioning coil cleaner, and weed killers?

You can offer to do a “free” Extreme Clealiniess ® audit to get a snapshot of what is needed to be dealt with and to also create a benchmark to improve upon.

If you want to learn more about Extreme Clealiniess®, here is the link to ISSA’s Jeff Cross’s Straight Talk, where he and Mark discuss what it actually means. Click here to view the show

Jancast # 99 

Mark Warner is back from his travels and training and tells us what is going on out in the world. We cover all of the price increases we are seeing and supply chain issues. We end with a discussion about vaccines and masks. We refer to an update on and Vaccine Skepticism.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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