SSB 7/25/21: Now salespeople are in short supply #2


Now salespeople are in short supply #2

8 Tips for Hiring Salespeople

Hiring a salesperson who isn’t going to succeed is a waste of your time and theirs. Every manager will make a hiring mistake sooner or later, but by paying close attention during each stage of the process, you can minimize these mistakes

1. Review the Job Description
Check over the job listing before you post it and make sure it’s still relevant. If it’s been a while since you hired a salesperson, you may need to make substantial changes to the requirements.

2. Know What You’re Looking For
Once you post your job opening, you’ll likely end up with a blizzard of job applications. Up to 90% will be not qualified or otherwise a poor fit and can go straight into the recycling bin.

3. Prepare Your Interview Questions
Write out your interview questions well in advance, and use the same set of questions at each interview. That way you can look at each candidate based on the same type of information.

5. Note Their Appearance
Appearance doesn’t just mean looks, although that’s a significant part. It also includes things like demeanor, clothing and body language. Someone who’s applying for a sales position should be spot-on in all these categories. They should dress and act professionally.

Jancast is now bi-weekly, so here is last weeks show- new show coming 7/29/21

Jancast #103- Looming Pathogen of the Month

With our new bi-weekly schedule we are able to research our topics and information in more detail while still keeping the length of the episode at less than 20-30 minutes. This week we cover how they are handling things at the coming Olympics in Japan and why won’t FDA recommend non-alcohol hand sanitizers like our RX200. We also delve into the big players in the cleaning supply business, Clorox is down and Lysol is flat. Our Looming Pathogen of the Month is Candida Auris, a threat in hospitals and long-term care facilities and can infect the bloodstream with a 30-60% mortality rate. Are you or your customers having trouble finding employees? ISSA is sponsoring the Supervisor & Management Boot Camp, with our own Mark Warner as one of the trainers. (see the links below) All of that and even more.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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