SSB 8/1/21: Do you need to pivot?


Do you need to pivot?

Yes, that is my grandfather, Richards Jarden. 

Back in the ’30s my grandfather and some partners started Franklin Chemical. Franklin was a direct sales, chemical manufacturer and it was a time when there was a transition from wood floors to rubber. All of the coating at that time were made for wood and they would melt the new rubber floors. Franklin developed Rubber Gloss Wax, one of the first coatings for rubber floors. Obviously, they had a huge hit that propelled the companies sales.

Before that, they had to pivot. When they went out to make sales calls they had a lot of trouble getting anyone to talk to them since it was obvious they were selling chemicals,  “Franklin Chemical”. So they pivoted and changed the name of the company to Franklin Research. People wanted to hear what a “research” company wanted to talk to them about and the rest is history.

So I ask again, do you need to pivot?

Jancast #104- Training, training, and more training

In this fact-filled show, we give you a supply chain update and talk a lot about training for cleaning professionals. Mark Warner just finished last week a training session in Baltimore for the ISSA CMI Supervisor Bootcamp. Then we jump into the brand new revised ” ISSA Value of Clean Program”. We finish up with a recap of our new botanical disinfectant, CitroRx, and why it is the right product for these times.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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