SSB 8/28/22: Three steps to be more productive


Three steps to be more productive

Career strategist Adunola Adeshola kicks off her day by identifying her top one or two most pressing tasks. “Once I’ve scratched the most important thing off my to-do list, I immediately feel like I’ve conquered the day,” she says. “Sure, some days there are five to seven important things,” she admits, but starting by tackling something critical “helps me eliminate busy work and distractions so that I can end the day feeling accomplished.”

“I create a huge task list that seems impossible to finish and give myself a deadline to complete it,” says Airlink Marketing founder Arianna O’Dell. “Having an ‘impossible’ challenge to undertake spurs me into action and often lets me complete double what I would on a normal workday.” Even if you don’t work as well as O’Dell does under pressure, drawing up a comprehensive–or even overly ambitious–to-do list can help prime your brain for productivity.

Beth Comstock, vice chair of General Electric, follows the “five-minute rule” to stay productive: “If it’ll take you five minutes or less, just do it now,” she says. “Send that email, look over that spreadsheet, or walk over to your colleague’s desk and have a quick conversation. A small action now can keep you moving toward a big deadline.”

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Jancast #129 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

In this episode, we discuss why Covid and Monkeypox have redefined the cleaning industry and why Amazon will buy Roomba for $ 1.7 billion. They want to know the layout of your house and what that means. We go deep into Telematics, which will combine IT and telecommunications to enhance operations.

We end our chat with the latest in tech, the “Smart Toilet” do you have one?



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