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COVID -19, what is with the toilet paper shortage?

I think most people are all educated about Covid-19 (Trump could use some help) so we wanted share a side story that I am sure everyone has heard of or seen in person. Mass toilet paper purchasing.

Is There Really a Toilet Paper Shortage?

The household staple has consistently been out of stock during the coronavirus outbreak. Manufacturers may not be willing to increase supplies.

If there’s one image that captures the panic seeping through the United States this week, it might be the empty store shelves where toilet paper usually sits.

Shoppers, preparing for the possibility that the coronavirus could keep them quarantined for weeks or months, have been snapping up every roll they can find. The more images of stockpiling that emerged on social media, the more panicky buying that ensued. The result: The household staple has been consistently out of stock, whether at big box stores, at bodegas or on Amazon.

But is there really a toilet paper shortage?

Major retailers say toilet paper hasn’t been out of stock in stores for more than a day or two, or even a few hours. Manufacturers, paper industry executives say, are raising production to meet demand, but there is only so much capacity that they can or are willing to add.

Unlike some other products, toilet paper is not likely to be used more by Americans who are stricken with respiratory symptoms, even as the coronavirus spreads.

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