Sunday Sales Blast 3/8/20


COVID-19, how to know what kills it

On March 3rd the EPA published a letter outlining the products that are approved to state that they kill Covid-19. It is a little confusing so we have recapped it in a document you can download from our website at this link (Click here)

EPA’s Emergency Guidance

EPA’s Emergency Guidance allows manufacturers to receive special permission to advertise their products for use against emerging viral pathogens during public health outbreaks. The intent of EPA’s guidance is to “expedite the process for registrants to provide useful information to the public” regarding products that may be effective against emerging pathogens.

Prior to the occurrence of an outbreak, registrants interested in using this process apply for registration amendments as suggested in this Guidance to allow claims of anticipated efficacy against small nonenveloped viruses. Bullen has three products that fall under those guidelines.

Offer your customer a pathogen control audit in preparation for and dealing with Covid-19.

We have all the materials so you can offer to your customers, as an authorized Airx distributor, to come to their facilities and do a pathogen prevention audit. This fast and easy review has the potential of reducing your staff’s chance of getting and spreading the common cold and flu by 46-80%.
Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

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