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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Seven Simple Steps to Delighting Your Customers

People pleasing – for as long as there have been sellers and buyers, there have been efforts by sellers to get those buyers coming back for more. If we think all the way back to the dark ages of retailing, we can imagine that there was heavy competition for those stone-chiseled wheels – and certainly the stonemason with the best service (and ratings on Yelp) had the most robust business.

Yet, when you examine the actual processes and procedures used in the interaction with their customers, you will often find the opposite. This is not necessarily willful – it likely is a function of a reliance on tried and true business processes in a selling environment when the business situation may have changed. (Pity the stonemason who was beat out by Goodyear to put rubber treads on those wheels!)

Here are seven simple actions you can take right now to make sure you are delighting on the ground and not disappointing:

  • Ask your customers: Net Promoter scores
  • Update your customer processes
  • Be sincere
  • Be flexible
  • Empower your employees
  • Solve problems
  • Experience your company yourself

Apply these seven actions to your company. I’m guessing you will be surprised at what you find, even if you already believe you have your customer focus down pat. Being customer focused is a journey, not an end point – and if the road is traveled using slick radials rather than jouncy stone wheels, you’ll have a much smoother trip.

Here is the link for the full article:

Escape the Cape– As you read this Sunday morning I am on the Cape May Lewis Ferry getting ready to jump off of it and swim to the beach as the first part of the Triathlon. This is my 4th time doing it with 1000 or so others this year. Nothing like a little personal challenge to keep one going at 65 years old.

Have great day and even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

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