Sunday Sales Blast 6/9/19


Do you or does your company do marketing to your customers?

Last week we were working on a marketing campaign for a few of our customers (yes we do that in addition to making great products). One of the surprising things we keep running into is a lot of distributors don’t have  easy access to their own customer lists. Even fewer actually do email marketing or send their customers regular marketing materials like the Sunday Sales Blast.

There are two basics with this type of marketing, the first is using your existing customer base and the second is to gather, or buy the list. The first should be easy, here are some tips for the second way to build a list:

1. Put out the sign-up sheet
Whether you’re at a trade show, community event or in your own storefront, collecting email addresses in person can be as easy as putting out a signup sheet and encouraging people to write down their details.

2. Leverage business cards
When you meet people face to face for any reason, ask for their business card.

3. Organize a giveaway
Using snail mail and/or your existing email list, send people a postcard asking for email information and offer them a reward for providing it.

4. Optimize your website for opt-ins
If a customer or prospect visits your website, they’re already at least somewhat interested. Don’t miss the opportunity to add them to your email list. Include email registration forms on every main page of your site, as well as on the pages for popular products and services.

5. Build with your blog
Your blog provides a great way to build a personal relationship with customers and prospects — and to gather their email addresses. Consistently end blogs with a call to action that encourages readers to sign up for your email messages. Require blog visitors to provide an email list in order to leave comments, and set it up so that they have to actively opt out if they don’t want their email address included on your mailing list.

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Thanks for the great comments you emailed me on the Escape the Cape Triathlon last week.

Nothing like a little personal challenge to keep one going at 65 years old.

Have great day and even better sales week!

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