Sunday Sales Blast 7/21/19


They finally built a better ketchup bottle. And soon it’s going to be everywhere.

Remember when ketchup turned upside down? Or when half gallons of milk grew plastic screw caps on their sides? We are resistant to change in food packaging, attached to our squeezy honey bear, Toblerone’s triangular prism, the resealable paperboard tube that houses Pringles’s neat stack of hyperbolic paraboloid chips.

But what if there’s a better way?
Something new is coming and soon you will scarcely remember when it didn’t exist. It’s called the Standcap Inverted Pouch.
And now the pouches are coming fast and furious: Chobani whole-milk plain yogurt, Original Uncle Dougie’s organic barbecue sauces. A major player in the guacamole business will debut its version Aug. 1.

What’s behind the pivot? Some is financially driven: In the first year of its pouch, Daisy reported a 69.7 percent increase in sales (despite charging about 25 percent more per ounce than for the traditional tubs).

So what does this have to do with JanSan and your products? If changing the package can increase sales that much maybe you should consider looking at our Versa-Pack bag in a box. It is a 2.5 gallon single unit that is packed 2 up in a master case so you are selling 5 gallons just like pails but with less packaging, easier to handle, can be directly hooked up to a blending system and holds up to major shipping abuses.

Click here to learn more about Versa-Pack

In case you missed last weeks SSB, the new Bullen site is up.

Now it is easier to find tech data, new product info, watch our training videos, industry links and much more, all in one easy to navigate website. Let us know what you think –

Super hot this weekend back here in the Philly Area. Stay cool and watch The Open or the Tour de France.

Have great day and even better sales week!


Scott Jarden

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