Sunday Sales Blast 7/28/19


9 Successful Business Leaders Reveal Their Top Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone

Nothing happens without a sale. Believe it or not, you’re a salesperson — whether you’re convincing your kids to do their homework, putting your best foot forward for a job interview, or running a business. Here are a few of the nine tips.

Be passionate about what you’re selling.
I believe the best salespeople have a true passion for what they’re selling. It’s really on you to tap into and deliver an authentic and persuasive narrative that becomes second nature. If you can make an emotional connection with the buyer and take the time to know who they are and what they want, an initial sale becomes a long-term customer.

Sell with your ears, not your mouth.
The No. 1 mistake salespeople make? They talk too much. Don’t sell with your mouth — sell with your ears. It’s about listening, not talking. The less you talk, the more you make. Ask questions to begin a conversation that will help you discover your prospect’s needs. What are their motivations and pain points?

Ask the right questions.
Being an exceptional salesperson is about asking the right questions, followed by more of the right questions. It’s that simple. You must care about how your potential customer feels about themselves and the world. Only then can you improve their lives with whatever you’re selling — and that’s what sales is all about.

Take advantage of video
You don’t always need to negotiate a million-dollar contract in person, but you shouldn’t do it over the phone. My secret: video calls. I’ve closed deals for more than $1 million over Skype. When you can see the other person’s demeanor, gestures, and facial expressions, you can be more open and clear than you could be over the phone. I can see if they’re taking notes, confused, or distracted; if so, I’ll pause and make sure they’re ready to continue. Video calls help build a relationship when you can’t meet face-to-face.

For all nine tips:


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