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Never Compete On Price. Here Are 5 Things To Compete On Instead.

You can’t always compete on price. Sometimes, larger businesses simply use rock bottom prices in an attempt to outbid freelancers. Other times, you just know that accepting a series of low paying gigs will sabotage your income goals.

Competing on price is a trap you should never fall for. It’s a race to the bottom where everyone loses. This is true for all industries. When you compete on price, you think you’re going to win more businesses, but you’re telling high paying clients that you’re cheap and are happy to lower standards.

1. Offer a better customer experience

Make it a pleasure to do business with you and your clients will gladly pay you what you are worth. Start with your website. Make sure that it’s professionally designed and easy to navigate. If you offer online payments, make sure the process is safe and intuitive.

2. Add a free perk

People love a freebie. That’s why so many companies draw in customers by offering a free gift and why buy one get one free sales are so popular. As a freelancer, you can show up your competitors by using similar tactics. Here are a few examples:

Create a whitepaper and share it with clients when they place their first order.
Add small touches to your services without charging for them. For example, if you are a freelance writer, include images in your posts as a gratis.

3. Broadcast your expertise

Your clients will be willing to spend money if they are convinced that they won’t find someone with more expertise elsewhere. Take every opportunity that you have to share that expertise. Start by creating a portfolio of your best work and making it accessible on your website and linking to it on  your social media pages.

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Scott Jarden

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