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Initial product lines limited to bulk supplies of toilet paper, tissues and paper towels

Amazon created a new private-label line of commercial products that will compete with Kimberly-Clark and other brands, starting with bulk orders of toilet paper and paper towels.

The e-commerce giant quietly began offering the new brand, called AmazonCommercial, from an online store which appeared on in June. Presently, there are only a handful of products under the new brand, including extra-large rolls of toilet paper, large stacks of paper towels and crates of tissues—the kind of paper goods typically found in office bathrooms.

Notice which one is the cheapest and the best seller

Amazon Commercial is “a line of professional-grade products created with business customers in mind,” said an Amazon spokeswoman in an e-mail statement on Monday. “The brand currently offers janitorial and sanitation products.”

Earlier this month, Nate Sutton, Amazon’s associate general counsel, spoke about the company’s business practices at a U.S. House Judiciary subcommittee hearing. He answered by noting that retailers have always sold their own products in stores alongside competing brands.

Ok we have said it before but with this news what are you doing about your own brand?

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Great golf this week with the second stage of the Fedex Cup happening at the BMW Championship. The winner of the Fedex Cup gets $15,000,000. Makes you wish you took up golf versus selling JanSan products.

Have great day and even better sales week!


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