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Survey Finds Dirty Restrooms Impact Students’ Perception of School

Unclean school restrooms cause students to have a negative perception of their institution and its leaders, according to Bradley Corp.’s Healthy Hand Washing Survey.

Bradley Corp. surveyed 630 high school students across the U.S. on their handwashing habits and school restrooms. Nearly two-thirds (68%) of respondents stated restrooms that are inadequately maintained or unclean show the school doesn’t care about its students, reflect poor management, and lower their overall opinion of the facility. Nearly half of the students queried described the condition of their school restrooms as poor or fair.

“The negative impact of poorly maintained school restrooms is clearly significant and spreads beyond the bathroom doors to the entire school,” says Jon Dommisse, director of strategy and corporate development for Bradley Corp. “Female students are even more inclined to be negatively influenced by run-down school restrooms.”

The survey found the condition of a school restroom likely factors into a student’s decision on whether or not to visit the restroom. While most (81%) use their school restroom on a daily basis, 19% claimed to never frequent it. The survey found students avoid the facilities in part because they’re dirty, smelly, or have broken or old toilets, sinks, and doors.

Consideration No. 5: Offering a Clean Restroom

The commercial restroom often has more traffic than any other area of a building, which means it requires regular and consistent cleaning and maintenance. And a clean restroom is important not only to advance a healthier workplace but also to create a positive impression and perception. Not surprisingly, GP PRO’s proprietary research found that 85 percent of consumers say an unclean public restroom is a reflection of the overall cleanliness of an establishment.

Why It Matters

While it’s nice to make people happy, providing users with a pleasant restroom experience has far greater benefits. Countless studies have shown that cleanliness plays a key role in the experience employees, visitors and customers have in an establishment—so much so that, as a GP PRO study found, 84 percent of consumers say a poor restroom experience would make them less likely to return. Additionally, a 2015 JD Power and Associates study found that for large airports, delighted passengers spend up to 190 percent more in the airport than disappointed ones. All of which goes to show that creating a positive restroom experience propels business forward.

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